Training Facilities

TSTC has excellent facilities for training. The lecture rooms at the TSTC are equipped with modern teaching aids. Emphasis is given on simulation of conditions existing in the work environment. Hands on is encouraged on live telecom systems. TSTC is equipped with well organized E-library containing E-books on electronics and telecommunication, computer, management and others. Also having internet facilities and smart classroom facilities for live demonstrations.


Course Content

1. Mobile Technologies:
    GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G LTE and
    LTE Advanced and Wi Max.
2. Modern Transmission Technologies:
    OFC, and FTTH.
3. IT & Networking:
    IPV4, IPV6, LAN, VLAN,
    Router Configuration, &
    Cyber security
4. Civil Engineers Special:

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ttTech Savvy Telecommunications provides Industrial Training on Mobile Communications & Networking, based on our partners & clients' live projects with a practical & theory ratio of 8:2. During or After the Training/Internship Period, based on the on going projects handled by the company, TSTC might recruit the student depending upon his/her quality and adaptability. He/She might also be recruited as an On Job Trainee (OJT) directly to the parent company'.